Need some help getting organized? You need organizational tools for the office.

Some people have a knack for being organized. Their desks look tidy… They bring a healthy lunch to work every day… And, they even manage to keep on top of their work.

And there you are, feeling like:

Misplacing files? Searching for emails? Sifting through loads of paperwork? Working hard but getting absolutely nowhere? It’s the worst feeling ever.

You need help – organizational help.

Distractions and disorganization are the biggest time wasters at work. The best way to boost productivity is to:

  • Become super organized
  • Minimize all unnecessary distractions at work

But how do you do this?

We have sourced some great tools for you!

Here are 4 FREE organizational tools for the office

Waste no more time! We’ve put together some of the best free organizational tools for the office. These tools should help you get your work done!

1. Trello

Trello is one of my favourites. It’s easy to use. Plus, you can share boards with others. This is ideal for working teams. The best thing about Trello is that it is very visual. You can add files, due dates, color labels and even people’s faces to cards on your boards. You can even change every board’s background.

Over 25 million users have signed up to use this awesome app. Maybe it can help you?

Trello users can benefit from:

  • Using both mobile and website apps (that work the same way)
  • Sharing files, including documents, photos, videos and links, with others
  • Adding cards to a list
  • Creating to-do-lists on cards
  • Updating others by commenting on cards
  • Getting notified when deadlines are coming up
  • Setting up simple or complex Trello boards

Benefits of using Trello

2. Google Keep

Do you love making lists? Well, if so, here’s your app!

Google released an app to help you make lists, store images and take notes… You can also use the app to keep up to date with work and manage your priorities. Sound helpful? Well, Google doesn’t ever fail to impress…

Like all things Google, the app has a straightforward interface. And, of course, is compatible with various platforms. You can share your Google Keep notes with other users. You can even convert text notes to a Google Docs file. Because Google loves to make your life easier!

Google Keep users can benefit from:

  • A familiar Google services look
  • A simple, easy to use interface
  • List or grid display to showcase data in a way that suits you
  • Colour coding and categorizing items
  • Being able to search for anything on the app

Benefits of using Google Keep

3. Todoist

Here’s another list tool. This well-designed app is compatible with most platforms.

You will love Todoist! Mostly because of its smart and ridiculously good-looking interface… Plus it has some great advanced features.

It lets you make cards for various tasks. And then, by adding notes and subtasks, you can reduce clutter on your to-do list. Give Todoist a try… It’s free and easy to use!

Todoist users can benefit from:

  • Reducing clutter by minimizing your project lists
  • Using Todoist on any device
  • Syncing instantly with Google Calendar to keep you on schedule

Benefits of using Todoist

4. Google Docs

Used by many, disliked by few.

You’d be surprised by how much a collaboration tool can help you become more organized. That’s the best thing about Google Docs. It’s ideal for sharing files so that other people can view, add comments to and edit the same file in real-time.

Another best thing about Google Docs is that all your files are stored online. So no losing your documents.

Google Doc users can benefit from:

  • Using various Google applications online, including documents, spreadsheets, drawings, web forms and presentations
  • Dynamic editing and styling tools
  • Automatic saving at regular intervals
  • Multiple people can view, edit and comment on the documents

Benefits of using Google Drive

Let us know which organizational tools for the office you use to keep organized. If you are disorganized or have a friend that needs to get their life together, share the tools!

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