Most potential candidates will have to go through a few interviews at some point so knowing how to ace interviews is always a great skill to master.

Even the most confident candidates still find interviews daunting – but interviews don’t have to be difficult. If you follow our job interview tips below, you will impress your interviewees and stand a better chance of landing your dream job!

Before you go to an interview, make sure your social media accounts are cleaned-up

The best way for a company to get a sense of who they’re interviewing is to suss out their social media accounts. If you have any visible negative content on any of your social platforms, such as negative comments about your current workplace, crude language or rough party photos, you may not even get considered for an interview.

Keep your CV simple, clear and honest

Don’t try and fluff up your CV with impressive achievements that are only half true. For example, if you’re not completely fluent  in a second language, state so on your CV instead of lying. If you’re caught out for lying on your CV, you will definitely not get the job you’re applying for.

Do research on the company you’re applying for

Nothing shows that you’re more serious about the job you’re applying for than being able to discuss what you know about the company. Researching the company will also help you exude more confidence in the interview, which will increase your chances of securing the job!

Dress well for your interview

First impressions matter. Make sure you’re well-groomed, neat and dressed appropriately for the job you’re applying for. For most jobs, wearing a suit is usually the safest option for men, while wearing formal pants and a conservative top is the safest option for most women. You can also accessorise smartly to show that you have a strong personality and are confident with who you are.

Be on time

No interviewee will appreciate you arriving late. Being punctual is important in the business world, so make sure that you leave home early to arrive at your interview on time.

If you’re offered a drink, take it

You will likely be offered a drink before you start your interview. Even if you don’t really feel like anything to drink, it’s always good to have a drink in front of you so that, if you’re asked a difficult question, you can buy yourself some time to think about the question by taking a sip of your drink. It will also show the interviewee that you’re comfortable and relaxed during the interview.

Think about questions you’d like to ask before you go in for the interview

Having questions ready for the interviewee shows your interest in the company and your initiative to find out if the job is the right one for you. Ask about the company culture, any additional training, perks, employment benefits, etc. Just remember, even if you get the job, if there are things you find out you don’t like about the company in the interview, you can decide to turn the offer down.

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