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5 Benefits of invoice financing – your solution to unpaid invoices

Unlock cash stuck in outstanding invoices

Need to boost your cash flow?

For your business to run smoothly, you need to maintain a healthy cash flow.

Many small and medium businesses face a common dilemma: from time to time, they have to deal with late payments from customers. 

Benefits of invoice financing

This can negatively affect your cash flow. Fortunately, invoice funding can help you. You can receive a cash boost while you wait for your customers to pay you.

In essence, invoice funding is an advance on your unpaid invoices. If your cash is tied up in outstanding invoices, you can borrow money against the outstanding amount. Having this cash freed up can allow you to grow your business and reinvest in operations.

Invoice financing process

The basic process works as follows:

  1. Send your client an invoice as per usual.
  2. Sell your invoice to a lender that offers invoice financing.
  3. The lender advances up to 80% of the invoice.
  4. The customer settles the invoice.
  5. You pay the lender the amount advanced plus a fee.

This financing option gives you the chance to accelerate your business growth, pay suppliers and employees and improve your cash flow.

Top benefits of invoice financing

Improve cash flow.

Don’t wait for 30, 60 or even 90 to get paid by your customers. Invoice financing gives you access to immediate cash. This means, your business doesn’t have to take a knock because of unpaid invoices.

No need to apply for a traditional loan – get immediate cash.

Invoice funding is different from a traditional loan. Loans usually come with monthly interest fees and add liabilities or debts to the balance sheet of the company. Invoice funding gives you access to the money your clients owe you.

Get access to funds for emergencies or any sudden increase in orders.

Smaller companies often have to turn down opportunities due to limited cash flow. Invoice financing enables you to take on bigger projects without taking out a conventional loan. These bigger opportunities can lead to business growth.

You only need to settle the financing once your client pays their invoice.

No need to stress about interest payments. You only need to settle your invoice financing, plus a fee, once your client has settled their invoice. This means you can pay your bills, payroll and taxes instead of waiting for clients to pay you first.

Applying for invoice financing is quick and easy.

You don’t even have to leave your office to apply! Click here to find out more.

Is invoice financing the right option for your business?

If you apply for a traditional loan through a bank, you will need substantial assets or a long credit history. It also often takes longer to get approved financing through a bank. If you want to bypass the stress and hassle of applying for a traditional loan, you can opt for invoice financing. This way, you can get cash quickly.

Invoice financing can help you speed up your business growth. By receiving funding of up to 80% of your customer’s invoice, you don’t have to worry about unpaid invoices any longer. 

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What is call centre outsourcing?

call centre outsourcing

Lately, more and more businesses have been outsourcing their business functions. Why? To help them:

  1. Achieve their business goals
  2. Have time to work on other aspects of their business

Have you ever outsourced any of your business processes? If not, you’re probably wondering what its all about.

When choosing a business process outsourcing (BPO) company, it’s important to understand:

Read below to gain some insight on what it is and how it can benefit your business.

Understanding call centre outsourcing

A BPO is a third-party company that handles your non-core business functions. Such services are quite common for all businesses, whether small or big. It is especially common for businesses that want to outsource business functions such as document collection, HR, or their customer service line.

There are many reasons why the BPO industry has been gaining popularity over the years. BPOs allow businesses to focus their time and effort on important aspects of their business. And, at the same time, run effectively. BPOs are trained, therefore, your know that your customers will receive excellent services – services that your employees might not be able to provide.

BPOs handle all sorts of processes and tasks that your staff might not be able to get around to doing. Thus, outsourcing processes, such as your call centre, can add so much value to your business. It is important that your call centre is up to standard as it can have an immense impact on your business and the likelihood of customers choosing to use or buy your product.

Now let’s talk about the advantages of outsourcing your call centre.

Advantages of outsourcing

You will have experts working for you

A great thing about outsourcing your call centre is that you will have expert call agents working for your business. It’s crucial for every business to have experts working for them to ensure that the work being delivered is of great standards.

Not having expert staff will impact your business and your customers and competitors won’t take your business seriously.  Expert staff will offer quality assurance to you as the business owner and to your customers on a day to day basis.

It increases productivity

Having an outsourcing partner is a great way to increase productivity. Your employees will have enough time to work on more because a large amount of work is given to the BPO.

Often, we don’t realise how much work it is to run a call centre service. You have to ensure you answer and handle all calls professionally and give the customer the information or help they need.

Handling calls and queries can take up the whole day which will affect the amount of work your staff can actually do. And answering customer queries is very important and can’t be put on hold. Having it outsourced allows your staff to put their full focus on their primary responsibility, thus improving productivity in the business environment.

Your business will make money

The best advantage of outsourcing your call centre is that your business will save money while making money. The bottom line is: outsourcing is cost-effective.

This is especially great for small businesses who want to save money. By saving money on non-core business functions, your business can put time, money and energy into bigger business priorities. As much as these non-core business activities seem small, they often require large amounts of money. Either they need money for office space, equipment or the latest technology and software.

These amounts can add up and be more than you anticipated in the beginning. If you were also considering expanding your business, you will have the time to do that. Once you outsource your call centre, you can focus on expanding your business because you will have the funds to do so and the time to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Customer satisfaction

Making sure your customers are satisfied is very important for any business, regardless of size. Without customer satisfaction, your business will suffer. Customers hate not being taken seriously or when their complaints seem to be ignored. With all the busyness that we deal with every day, a customer’s complaint might fall between the cracks.

This is why employees doing their day-to-day jobs as well as attending to customer queries can cause issues.  When you have a call centre, customer satisfaction is guaranteed because your customers will have a contact line with trained call centre agents who are available whenever they need them.

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