5 Essential accessories for men – are you kitted for summer?


Accessories for men in South Africa

Step outside and smell the fresh air! Spring is here and what better time to spruce up your wardrobe with some awesome accessories for men than now. As the weather gets warmer, less and less clothing is worn, which means accessories become more visible.

So, here’s a list of all the most important accessories for men.

A signature watch

Like Raz Simone states in his song, Cold, “Never trust a man without a watch”.

You may be thinking, why do I need a watch when I have a smartphone? Well, a watch is an accessory you can own that is suitable to your unique lifestyle. A watch reminds you that time is continuously moving, so you need to plan better and live better to be a highly effective person.

So, you need to find a watch that is unique, comfortable and perfect for you.

What’s trending? –  crafted real wood watches

A slim wallet

When it comes to wallets, less is more. Keeping a slim wallet will ensure that you only carry around the stuff you need. What do you need in your wallet? Some cash, your driver’s license and important cards. Ditch hauling useless cards and cash slips around with you and keep your wallet light and simple.

There are many advantages of a slim wallet, mainly neatness and classiness, which are essential for the modern man. So ditch the bulky bulge in your pocket and enjoy having an easy-to-pocket-away wallet on your person at all times.

What’s trending? – Classy streamlined leather wallet

Belts for every occasion

A well-fitting belt is not only useful for practical reasons but it also adds a sense of completion to your style. However, you must keep in mind that different types of belts are ideal for different outfits. While a smooth leather belt is ideal for a formal, classical outfit, a woven belt is ideal for casual, edgy summer outfits.

So there are suede, woven, leather, embossed, textured and different coloured belts. Which do you wear with what?

  • Black belts are sleek, minimalistic and simple, making them ideal for formal outfits. There’s nothing classier than a clean lined black belt with rounded buckles paired with a formal black suit.
  • Neutral coloured and brown belts are ideal for casual looks at any given time of the year. Embossed browns compliment blue and navy outfits, while lighter neutrals are ideal for accompanying other complementary colours and tones.
  • Statement belts add a little edge to casual outfits. A statement belt is ideally matched with a simplistic outfit, where your belt becomes the focal point.

What’s trending? Statement belts


Sunglasses are definitely not a one-size-fits-all item. Some men look better with rounded sunglasses, some rock teardrop sunglasses, and most look great wearing a square frame. No matter what kind of face shape you have, you’re bound to find the best pair for you!

Just, whatever you do, do not buy the knock-off R50 shades on the side of the street – not only do they fail to provide sun protection for your eyes but they also break easily and look tacky.

What’s trending? Handmade, polarised and genuine wood sunglasses

Convenient bags

Bags are definitely not just for women. There are two important types of bags men need.

  • Stylish backpack: These are ideal for the warmer months. You can use them for work, gym, a day out – they are super versatile. So find a stylish backpack that can hold all your stuff and compliment your style at the same time.
  • Weekend bag: You need a practical travel bag for work trips, overseas adventures, weekends at your partner’s house. A weekend bag is definitely a must-have.

What’s trending? Convenient travel bag



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