What type of cars are South Africans searching for online?


South Africa has a wide variety of used cars on the market. No matter what engine size, transmission type and colour you prefer in a car, you’re bound to find something you’re looking for. And with a large number of used car buyers, selling your car quickly and easily should not be much of a problem either.

There is data that suggests the most popular new and used cars in South Africa; however, it’s tough to get an exact figure of all the used cars sold in South Africa.

What are online car shoppers searching for?

Using information from their database, Auto Trader revealed which cars were the most searched for cars in South Africa. The car models with the highest search volume were:

  1. Volkswagen Golf
  2. BMW 3 series
  3. Mercedes Benz C-Class

Gumtree released their stats on used car sales; these are the most sought after brands according to Gumtree’s data:


  1. Volkswagen
  2. Toyota
  3. Ford
  4. Mercedes
  5. Nissan
  6. Hyundai
  7. BMW
  8. Audi
  9. Chevrolet
  10. Opel

There are a lot of online searches for “what’s the best used car to buy online?”.  However, there is no simple answer to this question as you need to take into account a number of factors when deciding what used car to purchase, such as:

  • Are you looking for a car with a good resale value or a luxury car?
  • What’s your price range?
  • Are you looking for an economical car?

White cars are a general favourite colour, followed by blue and silver. White Toyota Corolla hatchbacks are the most sought after vehicles on Gumtree Autos, followed by VW Polo and VW Golf. However, in terms of brands, VW Polo is searched the most.


All-in-all, the data basically shows that South African online car buyers, especially second-hand car buyers, are looking for economical, easy-to-maintain and cost-effective cars.

A lot of thought should go into buying a car. You need to look at factors such as reliability, maintenance and general condition. There are, however, unlimited benefits of buying a used car, such as a lower price tag, less depreciation, cheaper extras that come with the car, a large range of models to choose from and potentially no new car fees.

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