Why do we love Land Rovers? Is it because they give us the power to travel uncharted roads, splash through water and tackle rocks to get to amazing destinations in our beautiful country, or is it because we love the power, class and adventure these vehicles encompass?

We love our country and we love adventure; with the right planning, preparation and equipment, we can travel to every corner of South Africa in a Land Rover. Below is a list of a few cool additions you can make to your Land Rover to customise it for adventure.

Accessories for effective storage

So while there are amazing 4×4 accessories on the market, you should focus on getting accessories that fit your lifestyle and budget. If you’d like to invest in your Landy, start by maximising its packing space. This will ensure minimal roof loading, quicker packing times and more space to travel in comfort. You can do this by making use of the unused or “dead” space in the 4×4 by installing storage and packing solutions, such as:

A roof rack or load bar: There are different roof racks to choose from, so you can find one that suits your needs perfectly. Front Runner has a tough off-road rack that is comprised of a simple bolt-on system, making arranging accessories on the sides, top or bottom of the rack easy. You can secure lights, shower arms, cast iron pots, rooftop tents, chairs, tables and more on the rack.

Wolf Packs and Cub Packs: There is a range of the perfect carrying and storage solutions for campsites. These solutions ensure convenience and additional work surfaces. The storage systems are specially designed to fit into your 4×4 easily.

Off-road tough drawer systems: If you need to keep hunting equipment, tools and/ or photo gear safe and protected, a tough, organised and easy to access drawer system is just what you need. Sold in assorted sizes, you can find the perfect one for your 4×4.

Off-road tough sliders: You can purchase sliders that latch closed and have a heavy carrying capacity. These sliders can be used to carry Wolf Packs, Club Packs and any other heavy gear.

Locking safe: Keep your valuables protected. These safes can be secured underneath vehicle consoles or seats, out of sight and out of mind.

Accessories for maximum convenience

Going on a Landy adventure includes a lot of travelling, so when it comes to accessories and equipment, you want to set up your Landy to be as functional as possible.

Accessories that can make your travelling more convenient include:

LED lights: You can buy lights, simple plugs, harnesses cords, remotes and anything else you need to lighten up your ride.

Shade and shelter: If you need proper weather protection along with style and functionality, consider purchasing rooftop tents and tent accessories.

Water tanks: Get a big water tank that will fit into your specific 4×4. This will ensure you have water for when you are camping. Pair your water tank with a shower solution, ideal for rinsing dirt off yourself or any of your items.

Jerry cans and holders: Carrying extra fuel will give you peace of mind while travelling far distances.

Buy Land Rover accessories and equipment in South Africa

If you’re looking for new or used, well-priced Land Rover parts, visit British 4×4. They deliver Land Rover accessories and parts anywhere in South Africa.

For more information on quality 4×4 accessories, view Front Runner’s website.

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