4 Outdoor restaurants in Pretoria to visit this Spring

restaurants-in-Pretoria-to-visitoutdoor restaurants in pretoria

Are you looking for amazing outdoor restaurants in Pretoria?

Nature is waking up and people are starting to come out of their winter shells. We’re excited to drink refreshing drinks, eat delicious food and enjoy the wonderful sunshine!

Every spring, Pretoria transforms into a purple paradise. All the gorgeous jacaranda trees line the streets and the grass is greener! This time of the year, you can enjoy the capital city in all its glory.

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Buying vacant land in South Africa? Read this!

vacant land in SA

Buying vacant land in South Africa

Buying a vacant land is very different from buying a home or office building. When you buy a developed site, you’re buying a structure that already has water and electricity set up and you usually know what amenities are close by. But, when you buy a vacant land, you need to consider a few more factors, such as future time and capital involved in the purchase.