Tips for organising your closet

How much time do you spend scouring your cupboard for something to wear? If you find yourself taking way too long to get ready in the mornings because your cupboard is messy, it’s time to get your closet affairs in order.

Sorting out your closet may seem like quite a mission but, on the bright side, you’re about to make your life a lot easier!

No cupboard is created equal, which means you’ll have to find the best ways to use your cupboard space to suit your specific lifestyle. Here are a few tips to help you organise your closet like a pro.

  1. Start with a closet detox.

    Haven’t worn it in over a year? Well, chuck it out! The less clothing you have, the better. Always choose quality over quantity.

  2. Throw away old underwear and socks.

    If your underwear is old, throw it away. Same goes for old or “lonely” socks.

  3. Keep your in-season clothes within reach.

    If you’re wearing certain clothes more often, make sure they’re easy to access. Open shelving, as opposed to closed off drawers, is convenient for clothes you wear often.

  4. Invest in some decent hangers.

    It’s time to clear out all your wire hangers and replace them with better ones. Wood hangers are ideal for jackets and coats, while velvet hangers keep delicate fabric clothing from falling.

  5. Store away clothes that you’re not using.

    Storing seasonal clothing either in a garage, attic or under your bed in boxes or storage containers will free up much-needed space in your cupboard.

  6. Add a bright light in your cupboard.

    The more light you have in your closet, the better you’ll be able to see all your clothes and the less likely you are to mess up your closet looking for items.

  7. Add shelving and other storage solutions.

    Make the most out of your cupboards by adding in storage solutions. You can add see-through shoe boxes, hooks, baskets, rods, etc. to help you use the space more efficiently.

  8. Add inserts to drawers.

    There are various convenient drawer inserts that you can use, such as little boxes, Tupperware and containers, to keep your draws neat and organised.

  9. Replace items.

    Make sure you always replace new pieces in your closet instead of adding new items. One in and one out is the best rule to stick to when it comes to keeping your cupboard neat and organised.

  10. Make sure items are easy to take out and put back.

    The only way to ensure your cupboard stays neat and tidy is to have easy storage solutions that make sense. If it’s a hassle to keep your cupboard neat then you haven’t organised it properly.

How do you keep your closet organised?

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