Would you buy a black wedding ring?


I’ve seen men and women rock the black rings, whether it be engagement or wedding rings. Black rings look great, but do you think wearing a black ring is a little bit too taboo?

Black wedding rings are especially popular among young men. Why are so many men choosing black rings in place of the traditional gold, silver and platinum wedding rings?

It’s not a foreign concept anymore

While a few years ago the idea of a black wedding ring was strange, people have warmed up to the idea. Most people still opt for traditional wedding rings, but black rings are definitely becoming more and more popular.

So, if you want an edgy wedding ring, move to the dark side. Black is a great colour, suits most men and matches almost any outfit.

There are different styles to choose from

If you’re worried that too many people have decided to buy black rings, you’ll be glad to know that there are different styles on the market. There’s no longer just a solid black option. Take a look at a few examples of black tuscan rings below:

You can buy an inexpensive black wedding ring

You can purchase amazing black tuscan wedding rings that cost under R2000, which is super inexpensive for a wedding ring. This is significantly more reasonable than gold and platinum bands. The best part is that even though you’re saving money, you’re not compromising on appearance, because black rings do come in awesome, modern designs.

So, would you buy a black engagement or wedding ring for yourself or your partner?

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