Hustling through a crowded mall, carrying heavy bags in one hand and keeping ahold of an active toddler in the other hand is stressful enough. But the real tough part comes in when you can’t find your parking ticket, your toddler is crying and you holding up an entire row of people at the ticket pay station…

Taking your kids to the mall can be extremely stressful, and if you don’t pay full attention to your kids’ whereabouts, they may succumb to injury or get lost. We have some very important tips to help you take care of your kids in the mall.

Carry them in the parking lot

Often, drivers don’t see small kids while they’re reversing out of their parking space and kids can run in front of cars unexpectedly. Therefore, you should carry small kids while walking through the parking lot to keep them safe from cars.

Keep them on a leash

No, this is not a figure of speech – you should literally buy kids’ wrist harnesses to make sure your kids are by your side all the time.

Opt for the elevator instead of the escalator

Thousands of kids under the age of 5 have experienced escalator injuries. Not only is falling on escalators a common cause of injury but kids can also get their clothing, hands or feet trapped in moving escalators, which can cause severe injuries.

Put your kid in the trolley properly

Trolleys have an unbalanced design so if a kid stands up in one, it may topple over. When putting a kid in a trolley, put them in the fold-down seat of the trolley; this way, he/she can face you all the time and be safe while you shop.

Set up an action plan

Before you set out on your mall missions, give your kids a plan of action for if they lose you in the mall. You can tell them to alert a store employee or a mall guard and ask for help if they get lost.

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