The sky’s the limit when it comes to interior design options for your home. Can you imagine your dream kitchen in your mind? What does it look like? Is it warm and rustic or is it modern and glossy? Because of amazing materials, ever-improving technology and creative designers, it’s possible to design your dream kitchen – or at least something quite close to it.

Having a beautiful and functional family kitchen is important, especially because it is the center of your home. Most families start off their mornings with the smell of delicious, roasted coffee beans drifting from the kitchen and eat breakfast as a family before heading out to work and school. We believe that the kitchen should be functional, stylish and serene.

Here are a few top tips for a beautiful and modern family kitchen:

Let there be light!

A dull, dingy kitchen is never inviting. Lighten up your kitchen by:

  • Letting in natural light during the day
  • Installing effective lighting solutions for when it gets dark
  • Installing LED lighting strips underneath work surfaces and lighting strips with automatic sensors in draws and cabinets
  • Replacing heavy cabinet doors with glass cabinet doors
  • Using display shelving instead of closed off high cabinets
  • Installing glossy flooring and work surfaces to reflect more light

Focus on functionality

We often get a little too excited about picking colours, lighting, fancy appliances and decorations for our kitchen; however, it’s important to not overlook the shape of your kitchen, whether it’s easy to clean and whether there is enough space for your sinks, appliances and other important elements. The fundamental kitchen plan, where your sink, cooktop and fridge form a triangle, will ensure maximum functionality when it comes to cooking and cleaning in your kitchen. See example below.

Maximise space

When installing cabinets, remember they need to open up freely without bashing into other doors and walls – especially corner cabinets. Make sure there is enough space in your cabinets and on your countertops for your appliances. They  should also be reachable for kids if need be – for example, if your kids need to use the microwave, they should be able to reach it without needing to climb onto anything.

Don’t forget to ensure enough room for storage. With all the smart storage solutions available today, you can maximise space and ensure a neat and functional kitchen. The Mira Smeg sink, for example, comes with fitted glass cover plates, which you can work on when you don’t need to use the sink.

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