What’s the buzz about Live Chat?

Lice Chat can increase sales on your website.

Imagine one of your customers is browsing your website. They find a product they’re interested in buying. But, they want to find out more about the product’s specifications before they buy it. They can send you a message on your website contact form. But they find a similar product on another website while waiting for your response. Don’t lose sales on your website.

Live Chat allows you to chat to your customers in real time on your website.

Time is the most expensive item anyone can own. That is why the internet, technology and even the food industry, is aimed at saving consumers time. Live Chat is just one of the ways you can bring this urgency into your business approach. Live Chat is easy to use, convenient and will help you achieve an increase in sales.

Here’s how:

Live Chat helps you engage with your customers

With Live Chat, you can make use of automatic or manual chat rooting, and you’re able to target your visitor groups. With the embedded and pop up chat window you are not invading your customer’s space and not distracting them from a browsing session. You can even choose to use personal greetings if you prefer not to make use of the automated greetings.

It allows you to implement E-Commerce tools

Through the Live Chat Goals tool, you will be able to track how many chats it took for a particular sale to take place. Not only can you track the amount, but also the text communicated. Live Chat has been designed with e-commerce sales in mind, so it even allows you to make use of your current e-commerce platform like Google Analytics, Shopify and more.

It is secure

Logging in with your Google accounts will make it easy and convenient, but what about the safety aspect? Because you’re logging in with your Google account, you can use Google’s two-step verification method. Sharing of personal information and especially credit card details are becoming an increasing risk to your clients. Live Chat automatically detects when credit card details are typed into a message box and will mask it.

You can track visitors

Thinking of starting a campaign to get more leads in? Thanks to Live Chat, you will be able to identify who is currently browsing your website and use your own methods to turn a browser into a paying customer. Through CRM services and Facebook you can even feed more data directly into Live Chat.

With so many benefits and possibilities, it’s easy to see how Live Chat can help your business. Contact Live Chat today for more information on how you can grow your online presence.

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