Here’s a list of the biggest buildings in South Africa

As the second biggest economy in Africa, South Africa is seen as a trailblazer among its African counterparts. After all, Sandton is known as the richest square mile in Africa. Skyscrapers have long been a symbol of a thriving economy, but Sandton isn’t the only part of our country with tall buildings. Where and what are the top 10 biggest buildings in South Africa?

Carlton Centre – Johannesburg

Once the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere, the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg’s city centre is a multi-use building consisting of offices and shops. It is 223 meters high and the tallest building in South Africa. This 55-floor skyscraper was officially opened in 1973.

Ponte City – Johannesburg

The Ponte City, or Ponte Tower as it’s also known, is 173 metres above ground. It is located in Berea, a suburb of Johannesburg and consists of apartments. The neon advertisement sign on top of the building is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere.

Marble Towers

This building is as elegant as the name sounds. It is located in Johannesburg’s CBD and is made out of a mixture of concrete and marble. The building is used as offices and is 152 metres high.

South African Reserve Bank

The Reserve Bank is the tallest building in Pretoria and is situated in the capital city’s CBD. It consists of 40 floors and is 150 metres high. It is home to the South African Reserve Bank – the central bank of South Africa.

88 on Field

This is the only skyscraper on the list not located in Gauteng. 88 on Field is the tallest building in Durban, it is 147 metres tall and has 25 floors.

Sandton City Office Towers

This building is the sixth tallest building in the country. It is located in the Sandton CBD and is used for commercial offices. It has 22 floors and is 141 metres high. Due to its location, it is a very sought-after business address. The office towers are built on top of the famous Sandton City shopping complex, one of the biggest shopping centres on the continent.

ABSA Tower

Johannesburg’s CBD is home to this 141-metre-high skyscraper. It forms the headquarters of ABSA Group Limited and has 32 floors.     

Michelangelo Towers

This famous hotel is 140 metres high and has been home to Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Oprah Winfrey during their visits to the country. It consists of 34 floors and is known for being an elite hotel.

KwaDukuza eGoli Hotel Tower

Built in 1970 and then known as the Tollman Tower, this hotel has been abandoned since 1998. It has been “mothballed” due to the undesirable circumstances of Johannesburg’s CBD – the area in which it is situated.

Trust Bank Building

This skyscraper was built in 1970 and was then home to the former Trust Bank of South Africa. Because of that, it boasts with one of the largest vaults in the country. It has 31 floors and was recently sold for R6.4 million.

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