Doctors save lives by constructing a healthy life; designers save lives by constructing a life worth living.

  • Mark W. Perrett

Do you to eat, sleep and breathe interior design? For those of you who are absolutely obsessed with beautiful interiors or transforming an interior into something wonderful, this blog is just for you.

While most people make an effort to keep their homes comfortable, clean and moderately aesthetically pleasing, some of us prefer to go the extra mile in making sure our homes, as well as the homes of others, are absolutely gorgeous. So, for all the interior designers out there, or just those who simply love beautiful interiors, here are a few signs that you may be overly obsessed with home decorating:

#1. You’re constantly snapping photos of beautiful spaces

You just can’t help it – there are so many beautiful spaces that your eyes can’t get enough of – you just have to take a photo. From classic coffee shops and boutique stores to your friend’s mom’s new kitchen, you appreciate and capture great interior spaces, taking in the architecture, colours, furniture textures and other fine details. Perhaps, one day, you’ll incorporate some of these designs into your own space!

#2. Your friends call you a hoarder

It’s easy to chuck away junk, but the stuff you have overloading your cupboard is beautiful and useful, isn’t it? At the end of the day, you just can’t have enough stylish vases, candle holders and frames… Your love for decor is leaving you with little room to buy more.

#3. You’re addicted to Pinterest

If you had a dollar for every idea you’ve pinned, would you be rich? With so many gorgeous ideas out there, it’s difficult not to become overly obsessed with browsing through Pinterest. So, if you are a Pinterest addict, who looks at thousands of pictures of beautiful pictures, you may be obsessed with beautiful interiors. Some may even find themselves printing ideas off Pinterest!

#4. You gravitate towards cafes and restaurants that have great interiors

A decor snob would way rather enjoy time out in a well put together place. You may find yourself subconsciously eating at places with great interiors or flipping through website galleries to make sure you find yourself seated in a space that doesn’t make you cringe. However, maybe you should spend more time checking out the menu!

#5. Everything in your home is stylish, pretty or cute

No one will ever see ugly soap dispensers, dish towels, washing baskets or plastic containers in your home. Everything you buy must add some zest to your home. And, you’re home’s beauty extends beyond the first look – when anyone opens up your cupboards, you have the most beautiful items neatly set up.

#6. If it doesn’t “go” it can’t stay

While you may be a firm believer in exercise, you’re not going to buy a treadmill for your home if it doesn’t match your other decor. So, while other people believe in practicality, you take appearance very seriously. Don’t you just hate getting gifts for your home that don’t fit in with your design?

#7. You can’t go straight to bed…

… at least not before you take the cushions off your bed. And rearranging them takes even longer, but it doesn’t matter because your bed looks absolutely gorgeous!

#8. You know the difference between azure and admiral

Why can no one tell the difference between colours? Maybe it’s because, to the rest of the world, most colours look the same, but you have spent time comparing different shades and tones, making sure that you pick out the perfect ones!

#9. You spend a lot of time refluffing cushions

Not just your own cushions, but other people’s too. Squashed cushions take a few seconds to fix up – but you’ll probably find yourself repeating the motion multiple times a day because there’s nothing less attractive than a flat, messy looking couch.

#10. You love changing things up

Your home looks different every time someone comes to visit you. You’re constantly asked “is that new?” and “what’s different?”. Even making the smallest changes to a space feels like therapy.

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