Fuel saving tips for South Africans


We’ve passed the R16 per litre for petrol mark in South Africa. Most of us wouldn’t have dreamed of spending so much on a commodity we have to use on a day-to-day basis. Just ten years ago, the petrol price per litre was R6.92 at the coast and R7.16 inland, meaning that in the last decade it has more than doubled. Also, over the same period, the fuel levy on a litre of petrol has increased by 165.35% – from R1.27 to R3.37. According to Minister Jeff Radebe, the rising price of petrol is caused by the poor rand value to the US dollar.

Find out more about the rising cost of petrol in South Africa.

As the petrol price rises, South Africans can try their best to save fuel. Here’re a few SA Best fuel saving tips to help you save money.

Take your car for regular services

Servicing your vehicle regularly ensures that it’s in good condition and doesn’t bomb out at a bad time – like when you’re already running late for an important interview or meeting. The older a car gets, the less economical it becomes. By servicing your car regularly, you prolong the amount of time it remains fuel efficient.

Start a lift club

If you can, start a lift club so that you can split the heavy cost of petrol with others. Lift clubs can be used to drop kids off at school, for work trips, for weekly sports meetings, etc.

Avoid rush hour traffic

Driving during rush hour traffic will not only eat up more fuel but it will take a toll on your sanity. If you can, leave before or after the heavy stream of cars as constantly idling and stopping and starting in traffic uses up more fuel. If you have typical work hours, ask your boss if you can come to work earlier and leave earlier or come later and leave later to avoid traffic.

Keep your car a light as possible

The more weight your car holds, the more fuel it will burn so make sure you take out everything that’s unnecessary in your car – such as golf clubs, bags, boxes of junk, etc.

Drive smoothly

How you drive has a profound effect on your fuel consumption. If you keep breaking and accelerating forcefully, your petrol is going to get guzzled up super fast. Rather drive smoothly, without speeding to ensure better safety and fuel economy.

Check your tyre pressure often

Unlike petrol, air is free (for now). Deflated tyres cause resistance on the road, making your car use up more fuel as your car has to work harder to move forward. So, make sure your tyres are properly inflated.

Keep your windows closed

While driving slowly, whether or not you close your car windows won’t make a big difference; however, while driving fast, keeping your windows open can affect the aerodynamics of the car, making it use more fuel to move forward.

Turn off the air-conditioner

While this may not be completely possible in summer, when you don’t have to use the air-conditioner, keep it switched off as it uses quite a lot of fuel.

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