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Need suit-up tips for men?

“A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.”

– H.M. Cole

If the names Barney Stinson and Harvey Specter don’t ring a bell then you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last decade. These two men, from the TV programs Suits or How I Met Your Mother, have been the poster boys for suits and have driven girls all around the world absolutely crazy with their impeccable, dapper suited-up styles. Here’s a list of 24 top suit-up tips for men that will make you look as good as these suited legends in no time.

Suit jacket

Suit jacket

  1. Opt for a fitted suit that shows off your physique – these are in fashion at the moment
  2. Make sure the suit isn’t so tight that it restricts movement
  3. The shoulder pads need to end at your shoulders
  4. The shoulder pads should not stick out at all
  5. There shouldn’t be a gap between the jacket lapel and your shirt collar.
  6. The jacket should extend to below your zip and rear
  7. Never button the bottom button of a suit jacket

Suit pants

  1. Suit pants shouldn’t be so long that they drag under your shoes
  2. The trousers should not be so short that your socks show while you’re standing
  3. Make sure the pants fit around your waist properly
  4. Make sure the pants aren’t too baggy or tight around your rear

Shirt & vest

  1. Always wear a button-up shirt
  2. Button your top shirt button
  3. Your shirt cuffs should not stretch over your hands
  4. Always add cufflinks to your shirt to class it up
  5. The vest should extend below your belt buckle


  1. Your tie should be the same width at your jacket lapel
  2. Thinner ties offer a modern look
  3. Your tie should be darker than your shirt
  4. Your tie should end just at or just before your belt
  5. Don’t make your tie knot too big or too small

Shoes, socks & belt


  1. The colour of your belt should preferably match the colour of your shoes
  2. Your socks should cover your legs (no one wants to see a patch of leg hair every time you sit down)

Don’t wear a belt if you’re wearing braces.

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