Local is lekker! 5 SA movies to watch


We have great SA movies!

Our SA movies aren’t given enough credit. We have a very impressive range of movies, from early productions dating back to the early 1900s to today. Why not relax, curl up on your couch and indulge in South Africa’s talent-filled cinema. Here are a few local movies we think you’ll enjoy:

#1. Jimmy in Pienk (2013)

Jimmy in PienkIMDb: 6.5

Genre: comedy, romance

Starring:  Louw Venter, Terence Bridgett, Gys de Villiers

Director: Hanneke Schutte

Writers: Hanneke Schutte (screenplay), Hanneke Schutte

Jimmy in Pienk is a funny, charming Afrikaans film about a conservative corn farmer, Jimmy, who is offered a way to save his farm from bankruptcy. Jimmy’s gay uncle, who is a  multi-billionaire, offers him a way to save his farm from bankruptcy; however, he must set out to master the art of hairdressing and embracing metro-sexuality.

#2. The Long Run (2001)

IMDb: 5.6

Genre: drama

Starring:  Armin Mueller-Stahl, Nthati Moshesh, Paterson Joseph

Director: Jean Stewart

Writer: Johann Potgieter

This movie is about a failed track coach who helps a Namibian female runner realise she has what it takes to take on the Comrades Ultra-marathon, one of South Africa’s most famous annual races, and become a champion.

#3. Happiness is a Four-Letter Word (2016)

Happiness is a Four-Letter WordIMDb: 7.7

Genre: drama

Starring: Stevel Marc, Chris Attoh, Terence Bridgett

Director: Thabang Moleya

Writer: Busisiwe Ntintili

This a heart-warming romantic drama is about three friends in search of happiness, success and love in Johannesburg. The movie is based on an award-winning novel by Cynthia Jele.


#4. Lucky (2011)

Lucky IMDb: 7.2
Genre: drama
Starring: Sihle Dlamini, Jayashree Basavaraj, James Ngcobo
Director: Avie Luthra
Writers: Avie Luthra (story), Avie Luthra (screenplay)

The touching South African film is about a ten-year-old orphan, Lucky, who leaves his village in KwaZulu Natal and heads to Johannesburg. To his dismay, the big city is a cruel place; however, he meets an old Indian woman who helps him.



#5. Hear Me Move (2014)

Hear Me Move IMDb: 8.3
Genre: drama
Starring: Nyaniso Dzedze, Mbuso Kgarebe, Wandile Molebatsi
Director: Scottnes L. Smith
Writer: Fidel Namisi

The film brings together the contemporary SA dance culture (pantsula dance) and a touching storyline. Muzi, the son of a famous street dancer, is in search of the truth behind his father’s tragic death but finds a lot more than he bargains for.


#6. Tsotsi (2005)

Tsotsi IMDb: 7.3
Genre: crime, drama
Starring: Presley Chweneyagae, Mothusi Magano, Israel Makoe
Director: Gavin Hood

Writers: Gavin Hood, Athol Fugard (novel)

Adapted from the novel Tsotsi, by Athol Fugard, the film, set in Soweto, the Johannesburg township, shows the six-day journey of a gang leader who cares for a baby that is mistakenly kidnapped during a carjacking.

Which SA movies are your favourites? Drop us a comment.

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