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Host a successful South African braai this summer!


Friends Together on National Braai Day - Sa BestI must say, nothing gets me more excited than realising that it’s almost Friday. In my house, Friday is Braai Day! Not only do we enjoy grilling our juicy chops and steaks on the braai but we also love having a few drinks with friends.

I believe the best thing about braais is the fact that they never have to be “over-the-top” events. They are a casual excuse to enjoy good food, good drinks and good company – the South African way!

The best way to go about hosting a successful braai day is to make it as casual as possible, while still preparing everything properly so that the get together is enjoyable.

To make sure you celebrate your weekend in true South African style, here are your top SA Best braai day tips for summer:

Provide protection from the harsh South African sun and the chilling Berg breeze

Summer will soon remind us how hot the sun can get. Make sure you don’t leave your poor guests in direct sunlight or embracing the cool breeze that follows dusk. Provide seating under some form of shade and find a spot for your guests to sit that isn’t too windy.

Keep pesky bugs away

Nothing is worse than having flies swarming around the food or mosquitoes nipping away at everyone’s ankles. Make sure you cover all the food and have anti-bug spray on hand. Consider surrounding your outside area with outdoor blinds.

Please, don’t braai in the dark!

Adequate lighting is also essential for a braai. The braai master needs to get a good look at the meat he’s cooking so that he flips and takes it out at the perfect time.

You can brighten up the get together with lanterns, candles and fairy lights. This provides added charm to your outdoor decor.

Keep guests outside the whole time

No need to mess the inside and outside of the house – keep everyone outside! Make sure you take all the food, drinks, utensils, etc. outside so that your guests don’t have an extra reason to waltz through your house.

Don’t complicate food matters

Don’t complicate food matters on Braai dayThe main purpose of the braai is good company; the rest should fall into place naturally. The best way to save yourself a lot of hassle is to ask your guests to each bring something to the braai. All South Africans are familiar with the phrase “bring and braai”. Whether they bring rolls, salad, drinks or chips, if everyone contributes it will be less work and spending for you.

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