South Africans are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to local holidays. We have the most beautiful berg, bush and beach holiday destinations around the country. No matter where you decide to go on holiday, the following tips will ensure that you have a great vacation and stay safe!

Find accommodation first

Accommodation is usually quite expensive, especially during the holiday season. If possible, try go somewhere where you have close friends and family to stay with as this will save you a lot of money on accommodation. If you plan on going on holiday during peak holiday season, consider booking accommodation just outside of popular holiday destinations, such as Cape Town, The Kruger Park and Umhlanga, to save money. Click here to book accommodation in Pretoria.

Book flights early

Flights tend to increase a couple of weeks before departure so you need to book your flights as soon as possible.

Find specials.

So many places have amazing specials – you just need to look out for them. Whether it is spa packages, discount for kids or off peak deals, finding specials is a great way to plan a great holiday and save money.

Look at online reviews.

Just remember, if a place is not that great, people will voice their opinion on the internet where everyone else can see it. Read through a few reviews to see how satisfied holidaymakers were at their holiday location. Also look at photos and read up on exciting activities to do in the area so that you can prepare for your holiday.


Rather don’t go on holiday during peak holiday season.

During peak season, everything is more expensive and congested with people and cars. Going on holiday when it is more quiet is often a lot less stressful.

Keep yourself, your family and your belongings safe while on holiday.

Just remember, just because you’re on holiday, it does not mean crime is on holiday too. Be sure to take care of your valuables, avoid walking in dark streets and night and only use reputable transportation services.

We hope you have a great holiday!

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