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Keep safe on the South African roads this festive season!


According to Eyewitness News, 1714 people died on the SA roads over the last festive season. This was a 5% increase on the previous period. 432 roadblocks were conducted and 453, 263 fines were issued during the festive season but, unfortunate, the death toll was not lowered.

The great number of accidents and deaths on the roads is costing South Africa billions and bringing a lot of heartache to the friends and families of those involved in the fatalities. No matter how many campaigns and other initiatives are set in place to warn drivers to drive safely, majority of road deaths are still caused by reckless driving, including driving under the influence of alcohol, impatient drivers, speeding trucks and simply, thoughtless drivers who have no regard for road rules, officials and other cars on the road.

As we’re approaching the new festive season, drivers are urged to be more cautious on the roads by: