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The 5 Best Malls in South Africa


Ready to go shopping?

South Africa is home to almost 2000 shopping malls. This says a lot about us.

We love shopping.

Shopping is one of our favourite hobbies. This comes with positives and negatives. Malls have thousands of customers entering their doors every day. This has even stirred up a concern with debt counsellors in the country. Why? Because, to keep up with the culture of extravagant shopping, consumers have resorted to taking out store credit.

> Read Good Debt Vs Bad Debt.

Shopping is not the only thing attracting consumers to shopping malls. These days, malls in the country have expanded the traditional shopping experience. Now, there’s food, entertainment and unique shopping experiences for the whole family!

Which is the biggest mall in South Africa?

Wondering which shopping mall to head on over to?

Whether you’re a weekend window shopper or full on shopaholic, there are enough malls in South Africa to keep you busy and get you all excited.

Find out the top five best malls as well as which is the biggest mall in South Africa below:

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How to have a fun road trip with your kids


Whoever thinks that traveling with young kids is a walk in the park probably isn’t a parent yet. Kids are bundles of energy and they seem to get even more hyperactive when they’re confined to a small space. So, unfortunately, you will have to endure the are-we-there-yets and other typical complaints. But there are ways to make a road-trip with your kids a fun and happy experience. If you’re travelling with kids,
here are a few tips especially for you.

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March and April holiday guide for 2018


That time of the year is fast approaching! That magical time where you can apply for a few days of leave and get a full-on vacation!  Take advantage of Human Rights Day on the 21st March, Good Friday on the 30th March and Family Day on the 2nd April.

Here are 3 ways to take advantage of the public holidays coming up in March and April:

5-day vacation in March (2 days of leave)

  • 17th March to 21st March, or
  • 21st March to the 25th March.

Human Rights Day falls – smack-bang – in the middle of the week on the 21st March (Wednesday). For a mini-vacation, take leave on either 19th to 20th March or the 22nd to the 23rd March and you will yet a 5-day break.