Here are our water and money saving bathroom tips

Did you know

Did you know that 54% of Capetonians are saving water? That is 17 % more people than December last year. Nevertheless, there is less than 20% usable water left in the province’s dams.

In the average home, about 60% of water is used in the bathroom. This means that if you’re looking to modify your home so that your family uses less water, your bathroom is the best room to upgrade.

We’ve provided a list of useful bathroom tips that will help you save water and money in the long run while increasing the resale value of your home.

#1. Replace your old toilet

Older toilets can use up to 18 litres of water for every flush! So, to avoid wasting so much water:

  • Opt for low flow toilets. These use a lot less water.
  • Opt for a dual flush toilet so that you can choose between a half or full flush.

 2. Replace your shower head

Thousands of litres of water gets used in the shower, which is why it’s essential to replace your old shower head with a water-saving one. You can purchase a Hansgrohe Crometta 85 Green Showerhead for under R500 – this is definitely a reasonable, yet effective, bathroom upgrade.

#3. Replace leaking faucets

By simply changing your bathroom faucets, you can prevent a significant amount of water from being wasted. If one of your faucets is leaking a mere 60 drops of water every minute, it’s wasting over 8500 litres of water per year.

#4. Collect water in the shower

A lot of water in the shower is wasted while you’re waiting for the water to heat up. Instead of letting that water just go down the drain, catch it with a bucket. You can then use it to water the plants in your garden.

#5. Take short showers

During a shower, you will use about 22 litres of water per minute. So, by cutting down your shower time, you’ll be saving a lot of water.

#6. Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving

Hundreds of litres of water are wasted every year by people who leave on the taps while they brush their teeth or shave. Make sure you only use water when necessary and teach your kids to do so too.

Please share your water saving tips with us!

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