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Buying vacant land in South Africa? Read this!

vacant land in SA

Buying vacant land in South Africa

Buying a vacant land is very different from buying a home or office building. When you buy a developed site, you’re buying a structure that already has water and electricity set up and you usually know what amenities are close by. But, when you buy a vacant land, you need to consider a few more factors, such as future time and capital involved in the purchase.


Fuel saving tips for South Africans


We’ve passed the R16 per litre for petrol mark in South Africa. Most of us wouldn’t have dreamed of spending so much on a commodity we have to use on a day-to-day basis. Just ten years ago, the petrol price per litre was R6.92 at the coast and R7.16 inland, meaning that in the last decade it has more than doubled. Also, over the same period, the fuel levy on a litre of petrol has increased by 165.35% – from R1.27 to R3.37. According to Minister Jeff Radebe, the rising price of petrol is caused by the poor rand value to the US dollar.

Find out more about the rising cost of petrol in South Africa.

As the petrol price rises, South Africans can try their best to save fuel. Here’re a few SA Best fuel saving tips to help you save money.

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The fuel increase is something that affects all of us – even if you don’t own a car. The price of your favourite dessert at your favourite convenience store has just increased because it now costs more to deliver it to the store.

According to Neil Roets from Debt Rescue, if you make clever decisions regarding your money, you won’t feel the fuel increase too hard on your pocket. To cover the cost of the fuel increase, we will have to cut back on expenditures. So, how can you save more this winter?

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Can You Save While Paying Off Debt?


Is is possible to save while paying off debt?

Most of us have debt, maybe more than we care to admit in public. According to the most recent study, South Africans consumers have R1.7 trillion outstanding credit, and only 15% of working South Africans are saving. We are spending too much and saving too little. But which is more important, saving or paying off debt? Is it possible to do both at the same time?


The Benefits of Business Insurance

South African Reserve Bank

In South Africa, monthly insurance premiums are expensive. Whether it’s for your personal protection or that of your business. Personal insurance is straight-forward – it’s usually insurance to cover you in the event of an accident or theft, or life insurance.

Business Insurance is different though. Why? Because a lawsuit filed against your business or an employee getting injured on the business premise could lead to your financial loss. Imagine losing everything that you’ve worked so hard for, because your business is not insured…