Do you enjoy your job? While that is probably the best indicator of whether you have the right job, money also plays a big role in ensuring job satisfaction. CareerJunction collected data indicating the highest paying jobs in South Africa. The data collected is based on real salary offerings posted on the popular job board.

Over the last year, the warehousing and logistics sector as well as the building and construction sector increased a lot in salary offerings, especially for senior- level professionals within the sectors. Building foreman, equipment operators, warehouse packing and construction/ demolition equipment operators increased in salary offers and yearly increases, with a jump of over 43%. Salaries of systems and network administrators and IT project managers have also increased by over 20%

Salaries for systems & network administrators as well as IT project managers saw a considerable jump of more than 20% during this period. Unfortunately, sales and marketing professionals have seen a dip in salaries over the last year.

Additionally, data indicates that in terms of places to work, Gauteng offers the best salaries. Because job professionals are in higher demand and there is a lot of economic activity in the province, people in Gauteng are offered higher salaries. In Kwazulu-Natal, people with careers in marketing and engineering and construction earn up to 20% below average and people with careers in sales, ICT and warehousing and logistics earn up to 30% below average. In the Western Cape, people with careers in finance can earn up to 24% below average. (Source:

Here’s the top 10 highest paying jobs:

Job Sector Average monthly salary Average annual salary
Civil/Structural Engineering Engineering R70 301 R843 612
Corporate Lending Finance R69 632 R835 584
Technical and Business Architecture ICT R66 558 R798 696
Chartered Accounting Finance R65 840 R790 080
Financial Management Finance R65 322 R783 864
Environmental Engineering Engineering R64 944 R779 328
Mechanical Engineering Engineering R63 157 R757 884
Hospital Management Medical R61 195 R734 340
General Practitioner Medical R60 998 R731 976
Electrical Engineering Engineering R60 864 R730 368
IT Management ICT R58 337 R700 044
Financial Analysis Finance R55 977 R671 724
Industrial Engineering Engineering R55 842 R670 104
Consulting Engineering Construction R53 369 R640 428
Electronic Engineering Engineering R52 879 R634 548


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