Did you know? Statistics South Africa stated in June that 49168 summons were issued in South Africa. So, as we already know, South African consumers are no strangers to debt. And, especially nearing the end of the year, consumers find themselves in more trouble than ever before due to BlackFriday, Christmas, the holidays, upcoming school payments and other extra expenses.  

If you are caught in debt and have decided that you want to free yourself from the weight of debt, we’re here to support you all the way! In fact, we’d like to help you on your journey to financial freedom.

Here’s why we suggest you choose debt counselling:

Debt Counselling, also known as Debt Review,  has become a very popular and effective permanent solution to getting out of debt. Basically, a qualified debt counsellor will examine your current debt situation and then, taking into account your entire financial situation, including your salary, assets etc, they will produce an effective repayment plan for your debts. They also take care of any communication with your creditors and negotiate with them to get you the lowest possible interest rates. Also, while you’re under Debt Review, your creditors cannot take action against you!

While undergoing Debt Counselling you cannot take out any loans or use any of your existing credit accounts, therefore, you’re unable to rack up any further debt.

Although this is a huge change to go through, with the right guidance and support from your Debt Counseling company, we assure you that you will have enough money for your other monthly expenses and you will become debt free if you really want to.

Get help with debt!

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