Whoever thinks that traveling with young kids is a walk in the park probably isn’t a parent yet. Kids are bundles of energy and they seem to get even more hyperactive when they’re confined to a small space. So, unfortunately, you will have to endure the are-we-there-yets and other typical complaints. But there are ways to make a road-trip with your kids a fun and happy experience. If you’re travelling with kids,
here are a few tips especially for you.

  1. If possible, travel in the evening or early morning. Your kids are more likely to sleep in the car if it’s dark outside.
  2. Get organised with back seat cover travel storage bags. You can attach them to your car’s front seat headrest. Make sure you arrange all the essential items your kids need in the travel bags, such as wet wipes, water, snacks, toys, etc.
  3. Keep your kids entertained with fun and educational USB rechargeable toy play phones or multi-function toy learning tablets.
  4. Pack healthy snacks for the road-trip. Although kids love junk food, healthy snacks will keep them satisfied for longer and prevent them from becoming hyperactive or irritable in the car. Buy a portable insulated thermal lunch bag to keep the road-trip food fresh.
  5. Whatever you do, don’t say the word “toilet”. Make sure your kids go to the toilet before you leave the house and at every pit stop. Unfortunately, just mentioning the word can make the kids “need” the toilet.
  6. Keep a plastic bag at the back of the car for rubbish. This will prevent the back of your car from looking like a pigsty by the time your trip is finished.
  7. Take a break every now and then. Kids get restless when they don’t get out the car and move around. Make sure you stop every so often to give your kids the chance to get up and move about.
  8. Get your kids excited about the journey! Hype up your kids about where you’re going and how much fun they’re going to have when they get there! Are you going to the mountains? Are you going to the sea? Are you going to a theme park? Your kids should look forward to anything that is remotely exciting about your trip so that the long drive is all worth it.

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