As soon as the first sign of winter approaches, so do the first signs of winter illnesses. Even though there is absolutely no guarantee that your baby will never ever get sick, there are some tips you can follow to keep your baby healthy this winter.


Wash your – and your baby’s – hands regularly. Germs are known to spread like wildfire and the mere touch of a hand could make your baby sick. Don’t be afraid to ask anyone in close contact with your baby to wash their hands before handling your baby.


Vaccines are a great way to make sure you take all the precautionary actions necessary to ensure your baby stays healthy this winter. While babies are only allowed to be vaccinated once they are six months or older, you can be vaccinated whenever. In fact, request that all your baby’s caregivers get a flu shot.


Make sure your baby gets enough sleep to ensure his immune system is working at its best. Getting enough sleep can help to fight off nasty germs and avoid falling ill.


Wash your baby’s crib sheets often to ensure no germs manage to get to his little body while he is sleeping. Change your sheets as well as those belonging to siblings as often as possible. Make sure you wash toys as well – a child-friendly disinfectant can work wonders on plastic toys and can help to keep your baby healthy this winter.


You have to look after your own health. In fact, all your baby’s caregivers should do their best to keep themselves healthy and germ free. While it’s quite a challenge to ensure the entire family stays healthy, it’s for the best. Eat healthy foods including fresh fruit and vegetables, keep yourself hydrated and try to get enough sleep so that your body has time to rest.

Remember, if your baby does fall ill it is important to keep his temperature in check and avoid exposing him to temperatures that are too cold or too hot. Dress your baby warmly when it is cold out and keep him away from draughts. With our winter weather you want to ensure that your baby wears layers that can come off or back on as and when the weather changes. Check that the medication you give him is safe and appropriate for his age and symptoms. Never hold back on any cuddles and extra love he might need.

Do whatever it takes to keep your baby healthy this winter, you will be glad you did.

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