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Should you let your kids get dirty?


Do you remember spending your childhood climbing trees, dancing in the rain, playing in the sand and eating mulberries straight off the floor? Why do parents treat their kids so differently these days? The five-second rule has come into existence, which makes parents feel guilty for giving a pacifier back to their kid after it fell on the floor, and most parents believe that their kids have to wash or sanitize their hands all the time. However, dirt is good – and important for the development of your kids’ immune systems.

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How to introduce your dog to your newborn


If you’re a dog lover, your dog is probably showered with love and spoils and given too much attention – if there’s even such a thing! But once you have to bring home a newborn, your dog is going to have to adjust a lot. He may even find the changes stressful and feel very insecure. Well, you can’t blame your little pooch. There is, in fact, a new screaming little human consuming all dad and mom’s attention and time.

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How to keep your baby safe on the road


A parent’s life can generally be divided into two phases: BB (Before Baby) and AB (After Baby). Going on an extended road trip BB is as simple as getting into the car. Literally. But, as new parents quickly discover, even going to the shops can be daunting. Besides packing all the supplies, including that third set of clothes just in case, you are also faced with the task of keeping your precious bundle of joy safe on the road.

Luckily, investing in a good car seat goes a long way to give you peace of mind. Here are a few points to consider when choosing a seat for your child: