We’re a nation united in our differences. With a kaleidoscope of cultures, languages and habits it’s always interesting to see what cars we end up buying. Sometimes we fit into that cliché box while other times we surprise those around us with our choices. So, with all of this in mind – can you guess which cars are SA’s most popular cars?

According to CarMag ( SA’s best-selling new passenger cars during March 2018 were:


The Polo and the Polo Vivo came out tops. These German manufactured passenger vehicles have been a favourite among South Africans ever since the first model came out in 2002. They’re known for being economical, their services are affordable and they’re easy on the eye. The fact that they work for everyone from a student to a small family doesn’t hurt either!




The Fortuner has become one of South Africa’s most popular cars because of a whole list of reasons. Space is a big aspect for families and that is what the Fortuner has enough of. Whether you want space for luggage or people, the Fortuner’s interior options make it easy to move between the two needs. The Toyota Corolla/Auris/Quest is also a firm favourite among our population. The Corolla has definitely achieved legendary status over the years and by adding the Auris and Quest models to the range, Toyota has managed to gain more market share.


The Korean manufactured cars have proven to be reliable, affordable and attractive. With recent additions to the already popular selling range, they have gone from a wobbly intro into the country to owning the fifth most popular car in South Africa. The Hyundai Grand i10 is nippy, ideal for the city and easy on the pocket.

With hundreds of cars, models and ranges available it can become quite tricky to decide on your ideal car. Start by looking at your budget – what can you afford to pay back monthly? Don’t forget to include insurance, petrol and services when doing the maths! Aspects like service intervals, the location of service centres and the cost of services should play a crucial role in your decision-making process.

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