When buying a car, it’s always important to do your homework. Ask yourself questions like how often are you going to use the car, what are you going to use it for, what will the long-term maintenance be, and can you afford it? When buying an off-road vehicle, it’s even more important to know the answers before you start searching.

Here are some of South Africa’s best off-road vehicles:

Toyota FJ Cruiser
Toyota is a favourite among many South Africans and its popular FJ Cruiser model really stands out from the crowd. With its signature white roof and unique blend of both modern and retro design, it not only looks bulky, but it seems as if it has an attitude to match. The driver, front passenger, side and curtain shield airbags offer high levels of safety – necessary for the daring terrains you will be able to cross effortlessly.

Land Rover Defender
Even though Land Rover has ceased production of its iconic Defender, it is still very much in demand. For over 68 years the Defender has been the vehicle of choice for real-life adventurers and the average Joe with an adventurous side. The used vehicles are in high demand and there’s a reason why: if you’re going to go off-road, it better be in a Defender. It’s a rugged-no-frills-no-fuss kind of car and it can literally go (almost) anywhere.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class
While a lot of true off-road enthusiasts won’t consider this German beaut to fall into the same category as the FJ Cruiser or the Defender, the G-Class has a track record to make you sit up straight and take notice. Since its launch back in 1979 the G-Class has proven that its worthy of off-road status with specs like Intelligent Drive, differential locks, its ladder type frame and low-range ratio for optimised transmission of the engine torque.

Whether you’re going for a brand-new or a used model of SA’s best off-road vehicles, one thing is for sure: you’re about to start on the adventure of a lifetime!

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