How to support local businesses in SA during lockdown

During Lockdown

Rumours are flying around South Africa that lockdown may be extended. Whether this happens or not, many small and medium businesses in the country will suffer from the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

South Africans are called to unite and do their best to support local businesses. Although it may be difficult to do so while stuck at home, there are a few ways you can show your support in the meantime.

Here’s how you can support local businesses in South Africa during lockdown:

  1. Buy in advance. Make appointments or buy vouchers that you can use once the lockdown is over.
  2. Use their websites. Shop/ use their services and resources online if possible.
  3. Leave a Google Review. Write a favourable Google Review for a local business to let others know that you had a positive experience with them. 
  4. Leave a Facebook Review. Write a favourable Facebook Review on a local business’s Facebook page to show their audience that you love their products and/or services.
  5. Connect with local businesses on social media platforms. Follow and like their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social platforms they’re active on.
  6. Interact with their posts. Like, comment and share their posts to help them reach a wider audience online.
  7. Stay signed up. Keep memberships and services that they offer online.

Many businesses face uncertainty. While the government has introduced COVID-19 lockdown relief measures for businesses, some businesses will not be able to apply for relief as an option.

Make sure you do your part in supporting local businesses. Click here for more information about Covid-19.

Stay safe and healthy!