The big question: DSTV or Netflix

Which should you choose, DSTV or Netflix? For many years, DStv held monopoly over SA’s paid TV market, but now that’s all changing. Recently online streaming services have surfaced, giving DStv the long overdue competition they’ve been needing.

Without the much-needed competition, DStv’s prices have escalated at an alarming rate, and although consumers complained about the high prices, most of them have not actually cut the cable. So, now that we have more options, like the godsent Netflix, do you think South Africans are going to boycott DStv?

Well, with prices reaching over R800 per month, excluding the costs of the extra rented movies from the MultiChoice’s BoxOffice service that usually seduces all DStv subscribers, we may see a huge shift towards online streaming as opposed to cable television. At the end of the day, with online streaming, viewers can choose what they want to watch and have the added benefit of skipping ads!

Now that more and more South Africans are investing in uncapped, fast internet, Netflix is becoming a huge hit in the country. So, if DStv wants to stay in our homes, naturally you’d think it’s going to have to make a huge change in its approach to billing consumers.

That being said, there are still a few perks of not cutting the cable, the biggest one being multiple sports channels, broadcasting live sports. This is one of the biggest attractions for consumers, so you’ll find that some people would rather downgrade to a cheaper package for the sports channels than cut the cable altogether.

DStv won’t go down without a fight…

DStv, as far as I’m concerned, hasn’t made any plans to lower their prices; however, they have been paying attention to the innovation of their products and services, which include:

  • Express from the US, which airs new shows within hours of the US broadcast time.
  • Expanding their on-demand offering to customers.
  • Delivering exclusive international entertainment first to DStv subscribers.
  • Allowing Premium, Extra, and Compact customers the opportunity to watch shows when they choose.
  • Allowing customers to access content on DStv Catch Up.

Netflix also has a lot of perks, including a wide range of content; plus, if you already have an internet connection, it is very affordable. Bandwidth costs and access to decent broadband are factors that a lot of South Africans have to consider; However, nowadays we do have access to fast, affordable connections.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This rings true for the war between Netflix and DStv. At the end of the day, consumers will decide what’s important to them.

Netflix versus DSTV

Price comparison

Netflix with 4mbps uncapped ADSL
Basic US$7,99 + (+-) R500 (for internet)
Standard US$9,99 + (+-) R500 (for internet)
Premium US$11,99 + (+-) R500 (for internet)
Premium: R 789
Extra: R 489
Compact: R 365
Family: R 235
Access: R 99
EasyView: R 29
DStv Add ons
Access Fee R 85
BoxOffice PVR rentals R 35
DStv Indian R 360
DStv indian add-on R 229
DStv Portuguesa R 465
DStv Portuguesa add-on R 229

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  • Your Comment…we thank God for bringing Netflix in South Africa DSTV is very expensive and repeat one crap thing 365 days and if they don’t consider to drop their prices they are going to loose millions and Netflix try to do decoder that will easy for the people

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