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5 Water and money saving bathroom tips


Here are our water and money saving bathroom tips

Did you know

Did you know that 54% of Capetonians are saving water? That is 17 % more people than December last year. Nevertheless, there is less than 20% usable water left in the province’s dams.

In the average home, about 60% of water is used in the bathroom. This means that if you’re looking to modify your home so that your family uses less water, your bathroom is the best room to upgrade.

We’ve provided a list of useful bathroom tips that will help you save water and money in the long run while increasing the resale value of your home.

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Driving without car insurance in SA. Should it be illegal?


How many South Africans are driving without car insurance?

Did you know, according to South Africa’s Automobile Association reports, up to 70% of registered cars in South Africa are not insured?

There are way over 11.4 million cars on the road that aren’t covered. This is if you also take into account the unregistered cars on the road.

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How to prepare for a baby in SA like a budgeting baus!


How to have a baby on a budget in South Africa

“Yay, you’re having a baby!” “When’s Your Due Date?” “I cannot wait to see the baby bump – aaaaawwwww!” “I bet he’s going to have your eyes!”…. If you’re preparing for a baby, you’ve probably heard all this and more.

Well, it’s very exciting news so, congratulations! Bringing a new baby into the world is a wonderful adventure.

But, what happens after all the oooooh-s and aaaaah-s?

Having a baby in South Africa is possibly one of the most expensive things you will ever do. According to Parent24, it costs around R 90 000 a year to raise a child. Did that sentence just make you feel dizzy too? Well, you can ease the money flowing out of your pocket with a few money-saving hacks. Here’s how you can save money without compromising the health and safety of your little bundle of joy.