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What’s important to South African home buyers


There are a lot of factors that most potential home buyers have to consider before buying a house. In South Africa, the main factors that determine how desirable your home is in the resale market are:

  • Location – especially in terms of distance to work, schools, malls and other popular amenities.
  • Security – regardless of the security on the actual property, the surrounding area’s safety is equally important to buyers.
  • Appeal – the age, size and layout of your home can play a big role in the value of your home.
  • Demand – if the market is flooded with similar homes for sale, you may have to sell your home for less than you would if there were more eager home buyers and less competition.

Apart from all the above considerations, homeowners in South Africa are also attracted to the following elements:

Big entertainment areas

South Africans love to socialise, which is why local home buyers are attracted to big entertainment areas. A typical modern house, for example, usually has big glass doors opening up onto an outdoor patio, extending the entertainment area.

Energy efficient solutions

Modern home buyers are attracted to homes that are energy efficient. These days, modern buildings are naturally built or remodeled to be more energy efficient. This means that houses have a lot of natural light, are well insulated, etc.

Added Charm

Homeowners are attracted to charm. They want something different – something that distinguishes their homes from every other home. Whether it be an indoor zen garden, a breathtaking view or a glass roof, if it sets the home apart and provides a lovely, unique atmosphere, homeowners usually want it.

But keep in mind, when it comes to making sure your house is ready to sell, you may want to make sure you focus on adding value that appeals to most buyers, and not just a unique few.

Open plan design

An open plan design has become very popular for many reasons, such as:
  • Making a small room feel bigger and brighter
  • Encouraging entertainment and socialising – if someone is busy in the kitchen, they can still interact with the people in the living room
  • Easing the flow between the living area, dining room and kitchen

Hardwood floors as opposed to carpeting

Many homebuyers turn away from buying a home as soon as they see carpets, especially in the living areas. Hardwood floors are definitely more convenient, hygienic and, in most people’s opinions, better looking than carpets.

Smaller gardens

Believe it or not, people aren’t necessarily looking for a lot of outdoor space. Smaller gardens hold appeal for various reasons, namely:

  • They offer more security
  • They need less maintenance and attention
  • They use up less water


Small finishes

Small details are important for home buyers, so home sellers need to make they give attention to the finer details. This may include:

  • Modern balustrades for around the pool or balcony
  • Quality kitchen countertops and cabinets
  • Beautiful kitchen backsplashes
  • Neatly painted exterior and interior
  • New door handles
  • New bathroom and kitchen faucets
  • Modern showers, baths, toilets and basins

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Drop a comment!What else is important for South African home buyers?